• As of May 2018, MAHA is the first manufacturer of workshop equipment to bring a new two-post inground telescopic lift into its portfolio. This is the only product on the market to meet the increased safety requirements of the DIN EN 1493: 2011 standard regarding machine safety in the workshop.
• Of course, the SOTES ML2T meets all the specifications set for vehicle lifts with hydraulic systems.

Haldenwang, 28 May 2018. Inground lifts represent the top segment in lifting equipment. They not only give the workshop a highly professional appearance, but also offer plenty of clearance for working and opening vehicle doors and enable the vehicle to be driven on to the work area in little time, even where little space is available. With the new SOTES two-post inground telescopic lift, MAHA is further perfecting inground technology and is gaining ground with a product unprecedented thus far in the industry.

A sure thing!

The SOTES by the Allgäu workshop supplier is certainly setting new standards for the workshop industry, as no other lift currently available is as secure as the variable two-post inground version from Haldenwang. The two redundant lifting units mean it is currently the only telescopic lift secured in such a way that it is impossible to accidentally lower the lift across the entire travel distance, for example due to leaks in the hydraulic system. Under the increased safety requirements of the 1493:2011 standard, only appropriately secured lifting equipment may be used. The SOTES by MAHA is the only telescopic lift to date that complies with all specifications of this standard and provides maximum stability.

Maximum flexibility

MAHA can provide the innovative lift, featuring a load capacity of 3.5 tonnes, with flat head supports or swing arms, as desired by the workshop operator, meaning that it covers a wide spectrum of areas of application. With the SOTES, a cylinder distance of 1,350 mm for the flat head supports and 2,500 mm for the swing arm type allows both current and future larger vehicles to be raised without any difficulty. In this case, the lift reaches a maximum lifting height of over 2 m. The inground installation allows the user a high degree of flexibility with plenty of space beneath the lift, resulting in ergonomic work. The top quality design is the perfect finish to the workshop image.

Free choice of installation type

The telescopic lift offers maximum flexibility in terms of installation type too: users have the choice of two (pre-existing) individual installation boxes, for which the workshop can freely select the cylinder distance depending on the conditions on site. The low installation depth means the SOTES features variable installation and is highly suited both for working pits and where soil conditions are problematic. Alternatively, the lift can also be installed into the intermediate floor, offering the advantage that the storey below can be used as an underground car park, for example, thanks to the space-saving design.

Innovative technology

The hydraulic lifting unit developed exclusively for the model guarantees a consistently high raising and lowering speed of the telescopic lift, which is also independent of the load. A benefit of the innovative, software-operated synchronisation system is that no mechanical connection of the cylinder is required. The lifting system is designed for longevity and reliability, meaning it is both low maintenance and barely susceptible to interference. The top quality precision components of the cylinder, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, mean that the SOTES meets especially high strength and dimensional stability standards in the lifting units, which makes the stable lift stand out compared with other products on the market.