Haldenwang, 23 November 2016. This year again, lots of MAHA employees participated with great enthusiasm in the campaign and donated presents which will put a smile on many children in need.

Under the motto “Children helping children” the Haldenwang primary school also asked their pupils to prepare parcels for girls and boys in need. The result: a mountain of almost 100 prettily wrapped presents, which were collected by MAHA with a van.

Together with the parcels from the MAHA employees these will be handed over to the Round Table and sent by convoy to Romania. The Christmas parcel convey was several kilometres long and consisted of vans, travel busses and large trucks last year when it started on its journey that lasted a few days. Once arrived in Romania, the presents were distributed to children in orphanages, nurseries, schools and hospitals. This year again, the helpers will look into happy children’s eyes, because for many children this is the only present they will receive for Christmas. Even the smallest things like a bar of soap, a colouring book, a toothbrush or sweets bring great joy.

Especially in the festive season, MAHA is happy to make a contribution in support of the little children who have to grow up in such dire circumstances – because this is long part of the corporate culture of the Allgäu company.