Axle Play Tester, LMS 20/2

Axle Play Tester up to 20000 kg axle load

VP 425004


  • Two test plates installed into foundation at ground level
  • Rapid determination of defects and wear and tear on steering parts, wheel bearings, spring system and suspension
  • Powerful and even movement thanks to hydraulic drive with high precision for quick and easy positioning
  • Low-noise oil-submerged hydraulic unit increases user convenience too
  • Slide bearings and particularly robust chrome-plated circular guides
  • Extremely robust and low-maintenance design aids optimum service life
  • Counter-set cross and longitudinal movement of the test plates
  • One-hand operation without lifting the vehicle
  • Wireless radio inspection light for performing and controlling the test plate movements
  • Radio inspection light with LED light and lens for ideal light beam angle
  • Optional: additional different test plate movements
  • Optional: aluminium cable inspection light

Standard Delivery:

  • 2 pieces test plates
  • Electrical control box
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Radio inspection light
  • Operating manual
  • EC Declaration of Conformity CE
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Technical data
Axle load 20000 kg
Wheel load 10000 kg
Test plate movement 104 mm
Test plate speed 30
Installation depth 260 mm
Maximum thrust per side 30000 N
Operating pressure 120 bar
Motor power 2.5 kW
Fuse gG 16 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Dimensions of test plate (L x W x H) 740 mm x 740 mm x 10 mm
Hydraulic fluid quantity (not included in standard delivery) 15 l