MBT 1000 Eurosystem

Roller-Brake-Tester up to 1000 kg wheel load

VP 610012


  • Short roller axle distance means it is particularly suitable for testing motorcycles.
  • Supplied as standard with tyre-preserving MAHA plastic coating on test rollers, specifically coordinated to the tyres
  • MAHA modular design with optional motorcycle clamping and holding device for the rear and front wheels with removable clamping jaws for simple testing that is kind to the rims.
  • MAHA modular design with optional extension roller set allows for testing of two and three-track vehicles (trike, quad, etc.)
  • Supplied as standard with tyre-preserving MAHA plastic coating on test rollers, specifically coordinated to the soft two and three-wheel-specific tyres
  • Operating panel with the following comprehensive functions:
    • Start, stop, emergency stop
    • Operation of the clamping and holding device,
    • Operation of the lifting bar
  • Comprehensive package of functions for professional testing, such as:
    • Automatic start-up monitoring supplied as standard to avoid tyre damage
    • Automatic slip cut-off with pointer stop
    • Automatic cut-off after exiting the tester
    • Manual start-up control for safe handling
    • Lifting bar with roller brake makes it easier to drive off with the driven wheel
  • Can be extended with foot and hand force sensor as an option for differentiated analysis of the motorcycle braking system
  • Round instrument display for the braking force
  • Continuous and graphic display and recording of all the measured values using time.
  • Robust and long-lasting design due to:
    • Electronic, temperature-compensated strain gauge system for highly precise measurement results under all environmental conditions
    • Roller surface welded
    • Optional, free plastic coating on the test rollers
    • 32-bit microprocessor electronics for process control and monitoring of all the safety functions
    • Lockable main switch
    • RS 232 interface connection
    • Splash-proof motors work reliably, even under high-stress environmental influences
    • Weighted test rollers with groove ball bearings ensure maximum precision and complete driving comfort and guarantee a long service life for the entire tester
    • Varnished with high-quality powder coating, gentian blue RAL 5010

MCD 2000 communication desk:

  • Robust and multifunctional metal casing
  • Integrated switch cabinet for housing electronic components
  • Lockable drawer for keypad and PC mouse, plus storage compartment for small items of equipment
  • VESA standard bracket for holding the all-in-one PC or PC monitor
  • Can be extended with optional PC storage compartment or side shelves
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating:
    • window grey, RAL 7040 (switch cabinet)
    • anthracite grey, RAL 7016 (side faces)
  • Dimensions of communication desk (H x W x D) approx. 1230 x 860 x 350 mm
    with printer compartment option (H x W x D) approx. 1560 x 860 x 420 mm

Standard Delivery:

  • MCD 2000 communication desk with integrated switch cabinet
  • MBT 1000 RS 1 roller set with preparation for weighing equipment
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Technical data
Wheel load (traversable) 1000 kg
Test speed 5 km/h
Measurement value display 0 N - 3000 N
Roller length 350 mm
Roller diameter 202 mm
Roller axle distance 380 mm
Testable wheelbases 800 mm - 1500 mm
Motor power 3 kW
Fuse gG 25 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H) 1150 mm x 700 mm x 280 mm
Roller set height (only in conjunction with dynamometer) 315 mm