Roller Set, R 100/1

Roller Set for cars and vans

VP 230002


  • Self-supporting closed roller set with an eddy-current brake on the right side of the dynamometer (in driving direction)
  • Optional eddy-current brake on the left for left-hand driving
  • Pneumatic lifting bar for easy and gentle drive-in and out
  • 45 mm roller superelevation for optimum air flow
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating: gentian blue, RAL 5010 (dynamometer frame, covers)
  • Wet-coated load roller, ruby red, RAL 3003″
  • Optional flame-sprayed rollers for optimum adhesion
  • Available with roller axle distance of 500 mm on request for sports cars with limited ground clearance
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Technical data
Axle load 2500 kg
Eddy current brake max. 260 kW
Track width 800 mm - 2300 mm
Min. testable wheel diameter 305 mm
Roller diameter 318 mm
Test speed max. 260 km/h
Wheel power (static) max. 260 kW
Wheel power (dynamic) peak > 520 kW
Tractive force max. 6000 N
Measurement accuracy wheel power measurement (from measured value) +/- 2 %
Fuse gG 16 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz
Druckluft für Hebeschwelle min. 5 bar
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H) 3345 mm x 1100 mm x 625 mm
Dimensions packaging (L x W x H) 3500 mm x 1220 mm x 1100 mm
Weight 1200 kg
Weight incl. packaging 1400 kg