Side Slip Tester, MINC II EURO

Side Slip Tester up to 15000 kg axle load

VP 420005


  • Inspection of axle geometry in a matter of seconds upon drive-on
  • Fully automatic analysis of variation in m/km
  • In conjunction with EUROSYSTEM:
    display on PC screen with measurement visualisation and graphic representation
  • In conjunction with LON brake testers:
    illustration of measurements on dial analogue displays
  • Hot-dip galvanized

Standard Delivery:

  • Side Slip Tester MINC II EURO Floor Assembly
  • Pre-configured for connection to EUROSYSTEM or LON test line
  • Pre-configured for stand-alone use (requires MCD 2000 communication desk with electronics)
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Technical data
Axle load 15000 kg
Dimensions floor assembly (H x W x L) 135 mm x 1020 mm x 770 mm