Two-Post Inground Lift, ZS VARIO 3.5 FT

Two Post Inground Lift with flat support bridge and 3500 kg load capacity

VP 252116


Driving platform:

  • Driving platform length 4400 mm ideal for cars and small transporters
  • Ample freedom of movement in the working area below the lifting platform thanks to the compact post-lifting unit and resulting optimum lighting below the raised vehicle in particular
  • Flexible lift with maximum application range thanks to
    • rapid lifting of the vehicle with the main driving platforms in vehicle check-in, also for repair or for inspection work, otionally
    • wheel-free lifting by means of swing arm support standard up to 600 mm lifting distance or optionally with full extension up to 2000 mm
  • Driving on to lift made easier and gentle on tyres thanks to extensions chamfered all the way round combined with low overall height with rubber support plate (only approx. 60 mm)
  • Best possible vehicle spectrum thanks to very large support area resulting from exchangeable support plate system
  • Flexible, optional assortment of support plates “longer – wider – flatter” provide optimum support of various vehicle types and for future vehicle generations
  • A high-quality powder-coated platform covering assists in corrosion protection and adds a significant upgrade in terms of appearance
  • Optional driving platform coating with granulate coating or Aluminium panelling
  • Pre-integrated compressed air connection and optional 230V/1PH energy supply in runways
  • Various assembly variants for optimum use with
    • driving platform resting on floor with low drive-on height and platform movement area with no tripping hazard edges
    • driving platforms flush with floor to facilitate driving onto the lift, no protruding assemblies in the lift area
    • driving platforms flush with floor to facilitate driving onto the lift, no protruding assemblies in the lift area with complete floor levelling of the platform movement area with no tripping hazard edges
  • Driving platform and floor levelling pre-equipped for use of an optional axle lift
  • Additional corrosion protection treatment in area of fold and cavity sealing
  • Optional no-dazzle rotatable LED lighting
  • Pinch point and shear point protection thanks to CE stop

Lift unit:

  • A corrosion-resistant, hard-chrome plated hydraulic piston ensures long-term stability since this is immersed in hydraulic oil with every lift, thus ensuring the application of a latent protective film.
  • Can be installed in all MAHA installation boxes up to 5500 kg
  • Simple, suspended installation of the lifting platform – offering the advantage of power transmission directly into the hall floor
  • Ultra-quiet hydraulic pump and electric motor, corrosion-resistant oil-submerged version, optionally available with organic oil
  • Electronic lift control with visual error display
  • Battery-operated emergency lowering
  • Optimisation of every aspect of workplace ergonomics thanks to optional, standard-independent control via traffic-light energy module or flush-mounted switching system

Standard Delivery:

  • Driving platform 4400 mm powder-coated gentian blue (RAL 5010)
  • Wheel-free jack flat support bridge hot-dip galvanised
  • Lift unit with integrated after-lift device
  • Ramps and drive-on plates
  • Rapid-action compressed-air coupling mounted on driving platform
  • Wiring and mounting material
  • Installation box/installation frame not included in delivery
  • Emergency DOWN cable for connection to switch box
  • Control unit with 4 x 10 m control cables (flexible oil cables)
  • Lockable master switch
  • Operating manual and test log
  • EC Declaration of Conformity CE
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Technical datasheet DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical data
Load capacity CE 3500 kg
Load capacity CE with wheel-free jack 3500 kg
Lifting height max. 2000 mm
Full travel of wheel-free jack 600 mm
Wheel-free jack installation height 60 mm
Post diameter 125 mm/90 mm
Lengthways holder extendible in locking positions 1400 mm - 2000 mm
Size of support plate (L x W) 355 mm x 400 mm
Wheel-free jack crosswise holder 880 mm - 1820 mm
Raising / Lowering time (load-dependent) approx. 35 s / 35 s
Lifting/lowering time of wheel-free jack depending on load approx. 11 s / 11 s
Installation depth 2380 mm
Inner drive-through width 840 mm
Piston centers 1350 mm
Operating pressure 28 bar
Motor power 3 kW
Fuse gG 16 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Control unit (H x W x D) 400 mm x 280 mm x 120 mm
Dimensions total (L x W x H) 4400 mm x 2074 mm x 186 mm
Runway dimensions (L x W x H) 4400 mm x 617 mm x 126 mm
Hydraulic fluid quantity (not included in standard delivery) 108 l