Pit Safety System, GSQ I

Pit Safety System for roller brake tester positioned at beginning of pit

VP 155008


  • Aluminium profile anodized in yellow

The light barriers monitor the pit in transverse direction
Due to blend-out of obstacles, only objects with a size larger than 250 mm activate the safety system

  • Independent from pit width
  • System does not react to heat radiation
  • Easy installation and adjustment to pit wall due to modular design
  • Low installation height of 25 mm (no reduced working zone)
  • No movable arm beam required
  • Outside the safety sensoring area the pit can be used to its full extent
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Technical data
Light barrier module short (H x L) 25 mm x 754 mm
Light barrier module long (H x L) 25 mm x 1104 mm
Distance between light barriers 120 mm