In return of material authorisation (or return merchandise authorisation), the supplier issues a code number for the return of goods. To help us to deal with your return quickly and effectively, simply fill out the following form online to receive your RMA number. This will allow us to identify your return correctly as soon as it arrives and enable you to track the status of the RMA procedure as your return is being processed.

The RMS process helps us to identify your goods methodically, so we can process returns with greater speed and with less risk of error. It is important for the RMA number to be clearly visible on the packaging to make it easier for the delivery to be separated out in our goods receipt department.

You will need a software font to generate the barcode with your printer. Save the file “FRE3OF9X.TTF”, which you can download below, to your computer under the system directory “C:\Windows\Fonts”. Once you have downloaded and saved the font correctly, or if you already have the font installed on your computer, please download the “sample packet label” and check whether the barcode is displayed correctly. Thank you for your cooperation. We are always grateful for any tips and suggestions for improvement.