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Vehicle Inspection Centres in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland went into a major crisis when they had to suspend all testing for cars and light vehicles for some time in the past year. In order to get the situation under control in the quickest possible way, the responsible authorities relied on the proven quality by MAHA and reordered a total of over 150 new lifts type "DUO".


Haldenwang 2nd December, 2021. Last year, Vehicle Inspection Centres in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland faced a massive shutdown after it was discovered that the lifts had exceeded their lifespan. This resulted in material fatigue and hairline cracks developed in the existing lifts, which in turn constituted a safety deficit. The Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland and National Car Testing (NCT) in the Republic of Ireland were forced to cancel hundreds of thousands of tests.

As the problems appeared the responsible authorities directly contacted the MAHA management and Sales department. MAHA immediately developed a repair kit which helped to keep disruption to a minimum and to keep the old lifts going until new lifts were installed. MAHA’s lift type “DUO” has proven to be extremely durable in the past, hence the DVA and NCT decided to reorder the same lift. MAHA was commissioned to supply and install over 150 new lifts.

Bernhard Rist, Sales Manager International at MAHA recalls the situation: “We had several emergency meetings where we quickly developed the best possible solutions in this situation together with the DVA and NCT. MAHA also offered short-term interim solutions so that the test centres could ensure at least partial operation for the priorised vehicles e.g. taxis and for vehicles with imminent expiry date.”